New here; Anyone know where a guy can get a good steak???

New user here…I believe in fresh starts so while I do recognize a lot of the people here, I created a new handle so as not to bring the past into the future. A “fresh start” so to say…

So please people fill me in…what’s going on? When are we getting a NJ board? When can I get my own board? Not that I’ve ever asked for that previously on any boards…nope not me.

I just want to say hello…wish everyone well, hope to find some time to contribute to the success of this venture.

Best wishes to all.


Hey man, I’ve got one post on NJ. For the love of all things baked or deep fried, please add to it. It seems, at this point in time, we’re in charge.

Not your own board, but still a pretty clean plate (err, I mean, “slate”).

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pour you a shot…here’s to the new world

thank you sir…cheers!!

Talk about unintended consequences!!

What could possibly go wrong, right? A couple of food loving, middle aged, high functioning alcoholics are handed the keys to a fancy, new condo at the Shore. One with a duffle full of weed and the other with a LinkedIn contact list mostly consisting of politicians and strippers.

Hell, CBS is gonna be kicking themselves for letting this go. Add in a few plot lines where we solve murders and this could’ve anchored their Tuesday night prime time schedule. Too bad, honestly, I think I would’ve enjoyed the casting “process” for the wives.

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First of all, my Linkedin account is tied to mostly politicians my Facebook is mostly strippers. I try not to combine the two until my annual Christmas Party. Speaking of which I don’t know if you heard the news but Spitzers old girl Ashley Dupree has closed Ashley’s Intimates in Red Bank. What a shame…with the towns over-whelming restaurant saturation I always thought if she sold edible undies it might have helped her business. Why not a nice steak at Char leaving room for some fresh blueberry bloomers afterwards? Another one of my million dollar ideas that will never see fruition.