New Heinz barbecue sauces

I’m not sure how new they are, but I’ve only noticed them recently. They’re mostly regional sauces supposedly developed with input from accomplished locals. I’ve only tried the Kansas City and the Memphis sauces, but I’m happy with them so far for a bottled sauce from a supermarket. They won’t be replacing Head Country sauce as my favorite, but they’re nice for a change, and I’m looking forward to trying the Texas sauce. I’m not overly fond of vinegar, so the Carolina sauce doesn’t interest me as much, but it might be worth a try for those who like that style.

Sounds more appealing than when they tried making different colored ketchups! Purple is the one I especially remember. Can’t blame them for trying to expand their market though.

In looking up each one in the picture you linked, @ChimayoJoe, I was pleased to see that most of them do not have HFCS.

I love Head Country, but it isn’t in stores out in the PNW.
I’ll go check out these new Heinz ones, as anything different is appreciated. Megabrands are all I see .

The four regional sauces are also available in a sampler pack with bottles that are about half the size. That’s what I should have purchased because I’ll probably get around to trying them all.


hmmmm, i would probably try those out. I make the bbg pasta from the Ideas in Food cookbook once in awhile as a quick dinner thing, and those might do the trick.

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