[New Haven, CT] Basta

(John Hartley) #1

Sometimes you just strike lucky. It was lunchtime. We’d just passed a sandwich place and decided to walk on a little to see if there was anywhere more appealing. There was.

There’s a tight lunchtime menu, as well as their main menu – a few pastas, a few interesting panini. So, toasted panino with a fillet of seabass. It tasted lovely dressed with a tomato, onion and olive sauce. The only disappointment was that the fish skin hadn’t been either crisped or removed. And who wants flabby fish skin in their sandwich? A handful of rocket contributed to the five a day.

And, for the other, perhaps the simplest of pasta dishes. Farfalle, cannellini beans, whole roasted garlic cloves and, at the last minute, the addition of rocket leaves, just wilting in the heat. There’s a thin herby broth to dress it all. Really light and fresh.

We shared a tiramisu. It was good. Not as good as my “all time best” at a place near home, but really good. Sweet, but not too sweet, with the richness of mascarpone and a kick from espresso. I couldn’t taste any alcohol and it missed the boost you get from, say, marsala but, that aside, a really enjoyable version.