New Guatemalan in freehold NJ, Mi Rinconcito chapin

Howdy folks, hope everyone is well.

I wanted to show you a new spot I just found out about. They are open now but I haven’t tried it. I’ll report back soon. Stay safe :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey, good to see you posting again! I was ready to put out an APB about you, wondering if all was well!

@corvette_johnny (or anyone else) - happy to take one for the team as this is close to home. As I’m totally unfamiliar with Guatemalan cuisine, any suggestions with the menu are appreciated.

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My high school Spanish is very rusty, but dang that menu made me hungry!

@jsfein Are you thinking of going for breakfast or lunch?

@seal Likely lunch or even dinner. With the wife only doing takeout, this will be a takeout, eat at home experience. Please post should you get there before I do!


Will do @jsfein !

I like the sound of their breakfasts and the mixed grill for lunch.

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I tried it Wednesday…beef was def the highlight of the mixed grill. I would actually just order that. Sausage was pretty good (langoniza) and the chicken was a big miss sadly. The beef probably didn’t photograph well but it was damn good and tender to my surprise. I am referring to the beef that came with the mixed grill . The other beef dish shown was carne adobado and had good flavor, but the meat wasn’t really up to par. If I had to describe it. Picture maybe 20 small pieces of meat and one out of five would be too grizzly to hammer down. It was a decent dish if you can live with that. They are brand new so maybe they will get into the groove soon. Rice was bland but that’s what hot sauce is for. Beans were on point and Guatemalan style black beans as pictured. Overall it has potential and the beef is what to get. Ps…half potato was kind of a strange presentation and undercooked


Is this the location that used to be an Indian buffet ?

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I thought "home cookin’ " after reading those sentences…

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I think so. Was it Shloka? Pretty sure there was a For Rent sign in the window for a while.