New Greek Place Coming/Opening? [Waltham, MA]

Thought I heard in the ether that a new Greek place will be opening in or around Waltham. 'Tho there were many superb Greek places back in the 70s and 80s in our area, today one is hard put to find a thoroughly great Greek place with more than souvlaki and gyro. Anyone else heard this rumor? Also, I am always searching for a great Greek place and don’t mind driving. Any suggestions.


Eleni’s in Woburn just opened, but I haven’t tried them yet. Lunch and dinner menus, but the prices are the same. I’m not happy when restaurants do this.

What about Krasi or Kava Neo taverna for Greek spots? This Eleni’s menu looks terrible. Typical sysco food with a lot of it not being Greek. Greek-American is all that is. Hummus is not Greek.

Greeks have a version of hummous. Countries in that region all do.

Believe this place opened in November:

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We went Tuesday, thinking it might be quiet, but they were full shortly after we arrived. Lacking much experience with Greek food, I can’t offer any perspective, but we enjoyed most of our meal. The youvetsi was a little sweet for my personal taste, and the scallops that came with the seafood plater were a little salty. We ended up with extra salad because the house platter came with one, instead of falafel. The stuffed grapeleaf was warm, which I appreciated, also the wrapping itself less bitter than I’m used to., so probably my favorite version I’ve had so far. My son loved his losh kebab, which came with an interesting and delicious flat bread that struck us almost like a cross between a pita and a pancake cooked in butter. We’ll try again.

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Right, and falafel is Greek too. Haha!!

Greece is right next door to Turkey. They have versions of many of the so-called Middle Eastern dishes.