NEW Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates shop, SF report w/ PICS

I walked from Civic Center to Fillmore/Filbert and it’s pretty far, next time I gotta take Muni over.

Small shop with chocolates $2 ea, macarons $2 ea, candy bars $7.5, hot chocolate $5.5, macaron ice cream sandwich $7.5, and some other only in SF desserts. Got a tiny sample that’s from one of the chocolate bars.

I got a 6pc chocolate for $15 - hope they are good.

Tried one of the macarons and thought it was ok.

Charged it. One pink bathroom available.

Ginger Elizabeth
3108 Fillmore St at Filbert St
San Francisco, CA 94123


Do they have those fun looking marshmallow batons that they do in the Sacramento shop?

Edit: Just saw them in the bottom left corner of the bottom left picture.

Pardon my lack of knowledge in this confectioner, and confectioners in general. Are they very well known in Sacramento?

They are a relatively well known confectioner in Sacramento. Though I’m not sure if its a case of big fish in a small pound. I honestly don’t really seek out and eat chocolate but friends have enjoyed their candies.

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