New foods at the TX state fair.... ;-)


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Did you actually look at the link I posted?

Yes, I did. I assumed that the “Cursed AI” group was sharing AI-created images though - for example, the deep-fried ferris wheel, belt buckle, and merry-go-round. So I was trying to add to your conversation by sharing the official list of real new foods at the fair this year and pointing out 3 I thought sounded good. Why is that the wrong thing to do?

I deleted the link and my comment; sorry it bugged you.

I never said it was wrong. I only shared bc I thought it was hysterical, though I prolly shoulda shared this in the sillies & funnies on NAF :woman_shrugging:

None of them really sound all that great to me, but if I had to pick three.

Cornbread sausage bombs
Creole étouffée beignets
Deep fried surf & turf empanadas


That’s right; your favorite childhood treat just got even better! An oatmeal cream pie is dipped into sweet and fluffy Dr. Pepper® flavored pancake batter and fried until golden brown. That’s not all; it is then drizzled with Big Red® Soda reduction, covered with marshmallow sauce over top, and dusted with powdered sugar.

What did a poor Little Debbie oatmeal creme pie ever do to deserve this.:slightly_smiling_face:

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You didn’t have to delete your link. I wasn’t bugged by the link or your post. Not sure how my question could’ve possibly been interpreted that way :woman_shrugging: