New food options in Terminal C at EWR

Does Newark Liberty now have the best airport food in the U.S.?

As I told Pete Genovese on Twitter, they need to level the playing field in the other terminals, but this could make me a little less annoyed if I have to fly United instead of JetBlue, as Terminal A sucks in every way!

“A tribute to North Jersey Italian Steakhouses…”

What is this referring to?

Are Italian Steakhouses a thing in this state? I know they are in Omaha, but I don’t think I could name one in Jersey. Is it just me?

I know othe people here love Pesto Genovese, but sometimes I just have no idea what he is talking about.

By the way, it could be the best airport food in the US, and still kinda suck.


up 'til last year sometime, Roy Choi had a Koji ‘truck’ at LAX in the American terminal dishing out his delicious korean tacos and burritos. Not only was it actually tasty, it was even close to reasonably priced. I’m convinced that might have been the best possible airport food.

Koji rotated out of the spot now, so you’re back to drastically overpriced burgers or overpriced-but-still-tasty french dips from Cole’s.

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Ewr should open up a pork roll place and put itself on the map. Imagine a badass pork roll joint there? Once word got out, I bet that place would dominate if they did it right.

@VikingKaj I think we may need a pork roll thread (not a taylor slam thread lol)

Surely you taunt me, but I am not rising to that bait again.

I don’t know Pete personally, but since I often agree with him and he obviously REALLY eats, I have to say that I suspect that description came from the company that created these “concepts” vs. from Pete himself. But who knows? All I want are some legit options in Terminal A…

Oh. Yeah. That makes sense.