New Food Hall focusing on Chefs of Color / Pop-up dinners

With the talk on the Time Out Market thread, about what vendors are included, should they have lesser known chefs/pop-up type vendors, etc . . . . this effort seems to be trying just that.

Saw this on Eater today - I’m hoping this project gets some legs. It seems there is an effort to give some Chefs of Color some opportunities in the food hall scene. Awesome project. The tentative plans are to do some chef pop-ups to build some interest, while looking at developing another food hall which could include the chefs from these pop up events.

The food/restaurant industry has always been a challenge - and I think the rents in Boston (and other big cities) make getting into the business even more challenging, if not almost impossible without big money backers. I’d love a food hall that was specifically designed to give the underdogs a chance to prove themselves, build a reputation, pocket some money, and help diversify our food scene.

Hope this project doesn’t just fall off the radar . . . . (the Eater article and the website don’t make it clear, but I think these pop-ups are happening at TriMark Innovation Center21 Drydock Avenue - which is out in the Seaport . . . . that should be easier to understand, maybe I’m just slow - or maybe that was just for the cocktail reception kicking off the project . . . come on people, time/date/location/cost are THE key pieces of information)

  • November 18: Iraqi Heritage, Awafi Kitchen
  • January 20: Islamic Diaspora Dinner, Chef Ismail Samad
  • February 17: Latin American, Chef Otto Llamas
  • March 16: Abuela, Yaya & Mamma/Matriarchs’ Dinner
  • April 13: Afro-Caribbean, Chef Siedric White & Tamika R. Francis
  • May 18: Sexy Vegetarian & Vegan, Chef Chantal Thomas
  • June 15: West African Street Food, Chef Kwasi Kwaa


Oh, thanks for this, Thimes. I’m definitely interested in supporting more opportunities for chefs of color and a more diverse food scene in Boston. That’s a great list…very tempting! And you’re right, the location is not clear at all.

Thirded, even if you click to buy a ticket for the November event, it does not tell you the location. Major flaw, not going to buy a ticket if I don’t know where the event is.

But fascinating, wonderful project!