New Favorite Salad Dressing

I often make a salad featuring poke as the centerpiece. I just re-discovered Red Shell Sesame Soy Salad Dressing, which is perfect for this salad (and lots of other uses). I bought it the other day at Tokyo Central Market (Costa Mesa) for $4.38 for a 12oz. bottle.

Anyone who’s seen it for less, please share. I see a many-bottle purchases in the future.

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What are the ingredients? What does it taste like?

You know that dressing that comes on the salad in the bento box lunch special at your favorite Japanese restaurant?

Yeah. It’s like that.

(I’m just kidding. I have no idea.)

Actually it DOES taste like the dressing you get on the little salad in the Bento box. As the name suggests, it is made of soy sauce, soybeans, salt, rice vinegar, corn sweeteners, whole egg, sesame oil, honey, sugar, sesame seeds, garlic, onion salt, spices, and a few other non-food ingredients. “No MSG added”. Flavor is mostly sesame and soy. A little on the sweet side too. They suggest use as a dressing, grilling finishing sauce, or tossed with hot or cold noodles.


Here’s the store locator if that helps:

Thank you! Both my husband and brother in law wanted me to replicate their fav Japanese restaurant salad dressing. I made a few attempts, tasted ok but not what I was trying for. This looks very promising. Had to buy 3 bottles on Amazon and not even close to the price you paid😖

For future reference if you like it and want more, this site has it for $3.99 a bottle. Shipping is $5.99 for orders under $30 and free if over $30 (assuming you are in the U.S.)

Thanks sea monkey. Much better price!