New Dishes at Mu Lan - Chinese only, Waltham MA

Mu Lan Waltham has a new dishes menu they are well worth checking out. It is written in Chinese only, so you might want to buy at translation app on your phone. It was well worth the 7 bucks for me. I have tried a few things and liked them all.

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Great pictures but do you remember what the dishes were that you tried?

Thanks- these look interesting.

What is the yellow colored ingredient in the second picture? Is it some sort of dumpling stained with soy sauce in the third picture?

Are those curly white things sea cucumber intestines?

Pleco is still free and IMO still the best dictionary app out there. The add=ons cost money and I recommend buying them, especially the enhanced HWR and OCR.

Ok this is kind of annoying. So everytime I post an Instagram photo, it strips the real URL, sucks the photo, and wipes out the comments. So I recommend looking at my instagram, sorry, that’s a terrible workaround but less work for me.

Ok, so those curly white things are not sea cucumber intestines, the animal is not that big. It is jellyfish, scallops, and asparagus. Wok Hei was great.

The dumplings are octopus ink stained. It could be squid, it could be octopus. Honestly, the pork filling was a bit overcooked, and there wasn’t enough ink, but other times I have seen it, they were darker.

I use Waygo to translate and the cost was 7 bucks for unlimited translations. You don’t really need it if you talk to the waiters.

PIc #1 Octopus squid ink #dumplings, whole Sea Bass, Seafood Soup and Braised Pork Shank/Shin. (from my instagram notes)