new development (including Wegmans) opening Nov 8th in Glen Mills, PA

I realize the Wegmans opening isn’t novel news, but I didn’t realize the breadth of the associated development. Based on a article it seems like several other restaurants will be opening in the same complex.

Does anyone know anything about MOD Pizza or Zoe’s? I’m guessing they are chains, but perhaps they are indies. As I was reading the article I was really hoping for a suburban outpost of something more exciting elsewhere in the metro area. Maybe in the second phase?

I can’t say I’m excited about any of the other businesses opening around Wegmans. I’m sure the oversized state liquor store will be appreciated by some, but seeing as how close it is to the DE state line, shoppers will be much better off traveling the extra few miles south to shop for wine and liquor in DE.

But I’m curious if anyone has been to the new Wegmans yet. Is it pretty much like the others in the area?

The Wegman’s is too far to be useful for me. A shame. And the other stores, I agree, eh.

So I visited the new Wegmans yesterday for the first time. First let me say that it’s by far the best supermarket around. But that said, let me add that I was underwhelmed. I just don’t like Wegmans’ new concept, which is evident in the modified Downingtown store as well as this new one. Far more packaged goods than previously, including more packaged fish, meat and deli than I had hoped to see. In fact, about half of the the deli case was empty, and when I asked for Fontina cheese, the person working the counter didn’t know what that was. In defense of the deli department, though – I was impressed to see prosciutto imported from San Daniele alongside the prosciutto di Parma. I was also somewhat confused by the way the store is set up. Organic eggs in one place, family-pack eggs in another spot, and “regular” eggs in a third place. And the dairy section is spread across the entire width of the store, so if you need butter and milk and eggs, you’ll have to walk across the entire back of the store to find those three items. The produce section was okay, but didn’t offer the assortment of fresh mushrooms I was hoping to find. Through the rest of the store, Wegmans’ own brands dominate the grocery shelves.

Bottom line – sure I’ll shop there again, but not with the level of anticipation and awe I once had for Wegmans.

…and now, let me add, that about 25% of the box of clementines I bought were moldy. Yuck!

I was trying to figure out the layout. Looks like you aren’t meant to. That’s frustrating like Acme.

What’s worse is that they like to move stuff around, especially in the produce section. Drives me nuts.

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Cindy, you’re now de-motivating me to ever get over there. I ended up doing my Thanksgiving shopping via Fresh Direct, so have not yet set foot in the new Wegman’s. Driving 25-30 minutes to buy groceries in a place that is unlikely to wow me is not so attractive!

Travelmad – Up until now, I’ve only shopped at one other Wegmans and that’s the one in Downingtown. My expectation was that the Glen Mills store would be at least as good, and maybe better. Admittedly, I haven’t been to the D’town store for a couple of months, so maybe there have been changes there beyond those I observed during my last visit.

So this past Friday I went to the new store to shop for a Hanukkah brunch I was hosting on Saturday. I should mention that the D’town store has a good size Kosher counter where they slice lox and kosher deli meats, and carry a nice assortment of smoked fish and accompaniments. At the Glen Mills store there’s one small (very small) case with a small assortment of packaged whitefish salad, cream cheeses, herring – you get the idea. So on the spot I phoned my daughter who lives in the East Village and gave her a shopping list. Fortunately for me (and my guests) she was able to get to Russ and Daughters for fish salads and smoked fish, to Bantam Bagles for some really delicious stuffed “bagle bites,” and to Kossars for bialys.

Now, just to clarify, in no way was I expecting a NYC-style selection at Wegmans, but what they did have was so disappointing I just didn’t even want to shop from that department.

That said, the produce department was very nice; they made good on the moldy box of clementines I had bought there the week before, and I found a nice selection of Amaryllis growing kits to gift to a couple of people. And whatever the shortcomings of the store, it’s still far better than any Acme I’ve ever been to.

Next time I need to go on a Wegmans-type shopping trip, I’m going to go back to the Downingtown store, just to compare

That’s discouraging indeed.

But even indirect access to Russ and Daughters is a real blessing. I’m jealous.

Down in this part of Chester County there are no bagels that are acceptable. As far as I can see the nearest decent bagel is at City Line and Haverford Ave, which is a place that stands up to my NYC-trained standards.

You’d think someone would recognize the absence of a decent bagel place in these parts and seize the opportunity.

The best approximation I have found, and it is not bad at all, is the Manhattan Bagel on 202. I always find it amusing that the franchise is owned by an Indian family, but they do a fine job.

My favorites are still Murray’s in NY, or Hot Bagel Bakery in my hometown of Ocean NJ , but it’s rare that I manage to get a bag to take home from either place.

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I think the number of people who know a good bagel is pretty small down here. To a lot of people a bagel is about shape. The ones that I get down in Texas make our local stuff look authentic.

When my son was living in West Hartford, CT, we’d get GREAT bagels from a place called Lox, Stock and Bagels. What I especially liked about those bagels was that the “toppings” were added to both sides.

Last week, when my daughter came to visit from NYC, she brought a sampling from Bantam Bagels. These are small, stuffed bagel bites that have become pretty popular. They’re NOT NYC-style bagels, but really delicious. She brought an assortment, but my favorite was the French Toast bagel which was a cinnamon bagel stuffed with a buttery maple syrup cream cheese. Nice for brunch. I think they’ve begun selling Bantam Bagels at some Starbucks locations.

Sad but true. Outside the NYC metro area, what passes for a bagel is usually just round bread. And don’t get me started on Montreal!

Just got bagels from both “Hot Bagels” and “Hot Bagel Cafe” in Newark, DE. They are round bread products in the shape of a bagel.

I feel for you. I am on the lower East Side this morning and will be eating top-quality bagels, four kinds of lox, whitefish, and herring, if you would like to live vicariously through me :yum:

Enjoy! I’ll be in that neighborhood on Sunday. I hope you have a chance to try Russ & Daughters whitefish salmon salad. It’s raveworthy.

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