New Costco Credit Card

Anyone have any issues with the transition from AMEX to CITI Costco card? I didn’t.

I called to activate it a month ago. Used it for the first time on Tuesday at Costco. Smooth as can be.

I don’t care who they use for their co-brand partner. There are cards that provide much more value to me so I will never carry a Costco card. However it is a bit short sighter and definitely not customer friendly to exclude all cards from the competing issuing association.

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No major issues, but I have been unable to update my accounts in Quicken since the switch. I now have both the Citi Double Cash card and the Citi Costco Visa, and neither one will update due to website errors. Not the end of the world, but annoying in the short term and VERY annoying if it goes on much longer.

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I just ordered some protein bars for my son from the Costco site with no issues.