New Cooking Competition Coming to Netflix

We’ll see. I do like Carla though.


I’m right there with you - I like Carla but the show description makes me wonder . . . as the article points out, when I read the description and saw the promo photo, I immediately thought Nailed It . . . I’m hoping it has a different spin than that but . . . we’ll see.

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You CAN have too many food game shows. Food Network should be called Food Gameshow Channel, it’s virtually all gameshows. Which is why I haven’t watched it in years. I hope Netflix at least continues with its chef featured shows and the like.

Speaking of that, Chang’s Breakfast Lunch and Dinner series is a disappoitment following Ugly Delicious on Netflix. In my opinion, of course.

I will always give Carla a chance.i will always give Netflix a chance too.

Agreed. Folks on another thread recommended the Viet Nam episode, so I skipped to that. I liked that one, and I enjoyed the Los Angeles one too.

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The last thing the world needs is another cooking competition. Go. Away.

good thing i continue paying for netflix lol

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Yeah. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well I think there’s lots to see on Netflix. Binging on"High Seas" right now.

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