New City Microcreamery - Cambridge, Central Square

Ice cream seems like one of the few things suitable for this weekend. We tried the recently opened New City Microcreamery in Central Square. It is just a block up Mass Ave from the temporarily closed Toscanini’s location on Main Street. The original location of New City appears to be in Hudson, MA. They tout their liquid nitrogen process which does produce some excellent ice cream, rich and creamy without being overly sweet (looking at you Honeycomb Creamery).

The prices are not cheap about $5 for a small (1 scoop), but the ice cream is tasty. We tried their Grasshopper (one of the best mint chips I’ve had), Vanilla Sweet Corn, Chocolate Oreo and Smores. All were delicious though I’ve come to prefer smores ice cream with a graham cracker flavored ice cream base, where their’s is chocolate.

Also, a lactose intolerant friend tried their vegan coconut milk offerings and liked them very much. I had a bite of their Coffee Oreo and will say it was one of the better alternative ice creams I’ve tasted. These coconut milk offerings are also vegan.

There is seating inside for about 15 people and there are tables on the plaza out front. One of the things I really appreciated about New City was that the air conditioning was up to par even in this scorching weather. Customer comfort aside, this helps to keep the product at the product temperature. I find some of my favorites (Toscaninis, Christinas) dish out some too soft ice cream when it is hot. It is nice to have another ice cream option in the area.


The original Hudson locale is good, too. Plus, there’s a speakeasy out back. :shushing_face:


Not sure if this is convenient to you, but Q’s nuts scoops Christina’s ice cream right outside Davis Square and always maintains a nice cool temperature. They usually have about 12 flavors including a couple of sorbets and yogurts. Beware though, they do close at 7pm which can be VERY disappointing to some spring onions.


I’m holding out for a Salt & Straw decide to make its way to Boston from the West Coast and to take advantage of our ice-cream loving population. I would be soo happy!

Agreed - Boston has many good ice cream shops but hardly anyone is doing creative flavors and think a bit outside of the flavor box. In addition, S&S is surprisingly consistent with their quality of the products despite expanding quite a lot whereas many shops here have consistency problems either when it is hot (looking at you Toscanini) or in general with a lot of iciness (looking at you Christina’s). I wouldn’t be too sad if also Humphry Slocombe would open in Boston)

Yes! I’ve only been to S&S once (in Portland), maybe six years ago, but it still stands out in my memory, and leads to slight disappointment every time we go to one of the (still very good) places around here which serves up the same-old slate of flavors.