new chain supermarket comes to the Boston burbs

Cost Plus World Market opened in Shopper’s World in Framingham this week. I have never been to one, but am told “it’s like Trader Joe’s and Ikea had a baby”. I hope there will be others in the area. What are the must-try items there?

I’ve been shopping at Cost Plus’ flagship store in San Francisco for more than 50 years. It’s evolved a lot, but the furniture/furnishings part is primarily imported, traditional American and faux-antique, a far cry from Ikea’s college-dorm modern. The foods also focus on imported and regional, packaged goods and condiments, not on fresh produce of any kind (though there’s a small cheese section). It’s the place to go if you’re looking for foreign candies or cookies, curry ketchup, harissa in a tube, spotted dick, lemon curd, a tajine, or McClure’s pickles. The SF location has extensive beer and wine sections, though I don’t know how that plays under MA liquor laws.

The best feature of Cost Plus is pricing (inluding clearance sales, as they are constantly rotating stock and need to make room for whole shiploads of new arrivals).


Souperman summed it up quite nicely. In addition they have stylish and affordable table/bar ware, kitchen and dining linens and a few unusual sodas. They have a good selection of miniature sized condiments and snacks - nice for gift baskets, care packages and stocking stuffers.

I believe their loyalty card has a bakers dozen sort of deal for coffee beans. If you sign up they send good email coupons.

I think I’d describe them more as a Pier One meets a mini TJ’s.

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Agree with meatn3’s description – was thinking as I read the OP that Pier 1 is going to be in trouble. Cost Plus nearly always gets a visit from me when I am in CA or AZ – delighted to hear they are here in MA!

There is a World Market (for some reason the Cost Plus name isn’t used in my area) and a Pier One a few shops down near me. I’m having trouble thinking thinking of anything that Pier One has that WM doesn’t. Pier One seems to change their furniture/decor lines more frequently. World Market has housewares priced a little less. In addition to the food/booze WM has some cookware and personal care items not found at P.O. P.O. seems to have more candles.

Somehow they both seem to do well.

Sounds like a store I’d love to visit. Hope they come to the North Shore.

Oh man…I just got a (good) flashback to my youth in Chicago. I was poor but happily living in Chicago in the late 90’s and when I found Cost Plus World Market in hoity toity Lincoln Park, it was immediate love. Warehouse-y and, thus, huge, so I could spend hours in there. The food section was definitely my favorite and I never left empty-handed but it didn’t tax even my meager wallet. Of course, I haven’t been in one since then so I wonder if I would still enjoy it? (I think I would.) I would definitely NOT categorize it as a supermarket. As others have noted, it’s more like a Pier One/Home Goods/Marshalls/TJ Maxx-type shop. Hit-or-miss but when you find something, it’s so fun!

We want to try out Jack’s Abby’s new spot in Framingham, so I foresee a dual visit sometime soon. Thanks for the head’s up!

Its not a supermarket at all, the imported food section is a small percentage of the store- but it does have fun things to splurge on, eapecially since its cheap. It is not, however, someplace you could do your weekly shopping.

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