New CH survey

New CH survey popped up today. Very extensive questions on food/drink interests. Pretty well done IMHO, though all about the ‘what’ of the site and not about the ‘how’. Seems as if they may have concluded the site needs some improvement.


That went real well the last time :grin:



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My best Valley Girl “like, DUH!” comment inserted here.

Ya think?

The purpose of the survey appears to be nothing more than demographic data-gathering.
There are no questions asking for suggestions or evaluations of the content. I suspect the purpose is to help them sell more targeted advertising.

I didn’t get any survey. :smiling_imp:

Me neither. I keep visiting on the off-chance but no luck.

It’s “them” it’s not us Harters.

Me neither. And I checked 2 or 3 times.

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I’m feeling unloved by them. Boohoo.

I would offer to let you feel loved, but the last time I tried that I would up with a restraining order against me.

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I got the survey. I agree it was well programmed.

I’m not sure the ultimate purpose but those sort of open ended questions (suggestions) aren’t really appropriate if they are really doing a quant study. They are too hard to go through and most answers are so vague that they are wide open for misinterpretation.

more than once I’ve been on the sideline ‘involved’ of a survey.

it is not uncommon that a company/whatever is looking at one or two very specific items.
in a 15-20 question survey, all answers save those two-three “quaintly buried questions” are essentially discarded. the rest are simply a smokescreen with the hope of not skewing answers to the real interest by making the purpose too visible…



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