new buttons

What are the new, ridiculously large buttons at the top of the page all about?

They seem out of proportion to me :thinking:


Agreed. And, perhaps more interesting, why links to these particular three threads? Maybe it’s something that’s being trialled as a future development?


Agreed with all comments.

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I’m fairly certain these are topics that are trending or ones that management wants to spotlight.

On my phone the buttons/banners are noticeable but not obnoxious. (S10 +)

Yeah, with the ‘portrait’ orientation of a phone screen they’re more compressed so the type is about the same size as the thread titles. They really dominate on my laptop, spread wide in ‘landscape’. Large yet still hard to read :dizzy_face:

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They aren’t buttons. Just periodically showcasing some discussions. First one a user took the effort to write a comprehensive series of discussions about a cuisine so thought that may be of interest to the general community. Last one one of our mods who took the time to organize a charity dinner at Jon Bon Jovi’s free community restaurant. Middle one is a tip on how to use the site.

Yes, we’ll make them smaller.


ah, highlights