New boba/bubble tea in Oakland Chinatown - T.4.

Checked out the brand new T.4. (Tea 4 U) location in Oakland’s Chinatown. Opened last weekend, just a block up from iTea.

Overall, it’s very good news for boba fans in Oakland. It’s a big space, with lots of tables, free wifi and several outlets. Staff are somewhat inexperienced and slow, but hopefully that will improve. Large menu (it’s a Taiwanese chain, I believe). Tried the milk tea w/ coconut jelly (subtle and nice crunchy texture) and the jasmine green milk tea w/ tapioca. Tapioca had good consistency, and were not overly sweet. More a classic boba style than they honey boba style used at Sharetea.

Seems like relatively late hours, too. Today (Monday) it was open until 10 PM. )

And here are two photos


Thanks for the report, I went twice this week and agree that it’s a good addition. The tapioca is a little larger than iTea and has a nice chewy consistency. The tea is pretty good quality too. It’s a big space as long as it’s not mobbed with local high schoolers, open tables are scarce after school is out. Will have to branch out and order other items in my next few visits, staff was nice and willing to explain various drinks.

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