New Bars and Restaurants, First Half of 2017 [San Francisco]

Here is my list of 168 restaurants and bars, exclusive of food trucks and pop-ups, that opened in 2017 through June 30. My primary source was Yelp, though they occasionally were scooped by other media. Uppers, downers and sweets led the way, with 19 bars, wine bars and gastropubs, 15 Coffee Bars, 13 bubble tea/juice bars, and 12 ice cream stores (You can actually get boozed-up ice cream concoctions inside the Trademark sports bar.)

If solid food is your main concern, new thrills include 12 Japanese restaurants (including sushi bars and ramen joints), 12 new Mexican, 7 Chinese, and 6 Korean. There’s also a full complement of other expected ethnic cuisines, plus such rarities for sf as Cuban, Portuguese, Brazilian and Puerto Rican.

The poke bar trend seems to be flattening out, with only 4 new outlets in 6 months, and likewise for pizza, which had only 3 new entrants to our already over-crowded scene.

Note: I had trouble pasting the list in from my spreadsheet so I converted it to a .pdf. Sorry about the inconvenience.

2017 Openings.pdf (59.3 KB)

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Add: Sue’s KItchen, a SOMA sushi bar, soft-opened June 26.

Thanks for compiling this. But you include the town/city in only a few of them. Do you have the locations for the others?

They are all in San Francisco, as indicated in the post title.