Netflix's American Barbecue Showdown

Anyone watching it? We watched a couple of episodes last night. It seems kind of weird to me to have a time-limited show based on a kind of cooking that normally takes many hours. Also some really annoying people involved (one contestant and one judge, at least to me). I don’t know much about barbecue, and I’m curious to know what others think.


For obvious reasons, we’re not being shown this one on UK Netflix, but I have watched some of the other BBQ series. I found it a lot more interesting than I anticipated, especially the episode about the Aussie chef. I think it’s part of the Chef’s Table programming.

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I’ve watched. It passed some time. I think I found it when someone mentioned it on anotger thread, so maybe someone else has watched it too.

I haven’t watched this show, but both of these things - artificial time limits and a certain quota of annoying people - can be inserted into a show as an attempt at giving it more of a story line. Superman would just be a nice man going about his business if it weren’t for villains and criminals, and as far as time limits, there’s a reason why old movies prominently (though ridiculously) showed a big countdown timer on the villain’s bomb.

To me it seems like a really weird sort of built-in assumption, that people watching a barbecue show aren’t interested in barbecue, and need manufactured conflicts to keep them interested. Seriously, why would anyone ever start watching a show about barbecue unless they were interested in the details of cooking meat?

And when is this kind of soap-opera scripting going to come to the coverage of golf events? I’d much rather watch meat cook than watch people walk around in strange pants trying to not miss a very small ball. Note: watching the golfers be cooked is NOT a suitable alternative. :slight_smile:

I hate golf . But come to realize it’s the best thing for distraction when slow cooking meats in the barbecue.

The most universally effective way to distract someone from their barbecue is usually someone else’s barbecue. :slight_smile:

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold