Netflix reviving Iron Chef!


Iron Chef too!

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Oops! That was supposed to be Iron Chef. :blush:

I like and prefer the kitschy old Japanese show (even without the silly dubbing), but I suppose that magic can’t really be recaptured.


thank you for the update. I’m going to be following this. I can’t wait!

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I’ll give it a try, but now that I’ve had a chance to revisit the old school Iron Chef Japan, I think that’s where my heart will always be.

Now, if someone wanted to take a run at Dotchi No Ryōri Shō on Netflix, that’d be fun…

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I found the U.S. version to be unwatchable. However, I met one of the frequent judges from the original, Katayama Akiko; she’s quite nice. She used to (maybe still does?) have a radio show where she talked about Japanese food.

Also randomly met Chef Morimoto in Tokyo years ago. Nice bloke, raspy voice. Wonder if he’s planning new restaurants.

Anyone else watching? Does anyone know when these five become Iron Chefs?
I think

Curtis Stone,
Marcus Samuelsson,
Dominique Crenn,
Gabriela Camara and
Ming Tsai.

I found this

I have it saved, haven’t watched yet. As far as I know none of them are actually Iron Chefs from the old series.

Yep. None of them are. However I recognized Tsai, Stone, and Crenn at least as former challengers. Tsai won his battle, which included his Peking Duck (with skin separated from the flesh using a motorized air pump. Great television!).

Apparently Marcus competed on Next Iron Chef but was eliminated. He also competed against Flay, but I don’t know the results.

ETA Season 6; Flay won.

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