Netflix documentary series * Rotten* is anyone watching

Thanks, looks interesting. Put it on my list.

I just watched the Honey episode (needed a break from Peaky Blinders), and thought it was well done. The cinematography and camera work is excellent.

Literally added it to My List last night. Hoping to watch it this weekend.

There’s a lot of episodes. You don’t have to watch it all at once. :wink:

I thought it was only 5 or 6 episodes?

6 episodes

I just watched the first five episodes. It was a good series. Thanks for sharing.

For those who have not watched it, it is not the typical “industrial food industry is bad and here’s what’s wrong with it. here are some industrial things we want you be aware of. Our current food industry is bad.”

I was surprised and enjoyed the series. To me, it was more like a crime/mystery which revealed some insight and complexities of specific relationships (international trade) that I was not aware of. For example, I really enjoyed Episode 3 about the international garlic trade.

Anyway, Thank you @chowdom for making me aware of it. It’s still television so I realize the story runs deeper and there are more sides to the story. But it’s not a rehash of Food,Inc or the played out Industrial = bad vs. local/organic/farmtotable = good.

I’d love to discuss with any other viewers.

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Thank you !