Nessa, Port Chester, NY Closed!

Drove by last night and saw that Nessa in Port Chester has closed. Anyone know the details?

Have not been there in a while, but I had heard rumors about changes in their staff and menus…

I just checked to see and it looks as if their zeppole place next door has closed too.

The zeppole placed had closed a while ago. It’s now a little italian place, Piccolo Italian

I’ve been a couple of times. It’s a tiny place. They have a large selection of salads that I’ve enjoyed a lunchtime.


The NYT just reviewed Piccolo Italian!

We were in Port Chester yesterday and drove by Piccolo at 2pm.
The hours are posted on the front and side doors … they should have been open.
The lights were off, chairs were up and the bread order was propped up against the side door???

That can’t be good!

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Can’t be all bad, I see they are handicap accessible. Always a + these days

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