Nepali momos at Villa House of Pizza [Arlington MA]

A few weeks ago, spring onion and I walked over to Cookie Time (fka Lakota). This was around lunchtime and I noticed that Villa house of pizza had rebranded and were advertising momos in the window so had to go in as I’ve been to Nepal and love Himalayan cuisine. I don’t know what was going on that day but the kitchen was quite in the weeds. Spring onion and I waited for a very long time and there was one other person behind me waiting for Momos, also with a restless youngun in tow. We got them to go which is probably not ideal and I got a slice of cheese pizza for spring onion. By the time we got home which is about a three minute walk, the Momos had gotten a bit sticky. Skins are thicker than I like. We got 2 sauces - one mild, the other spicier. But honestly, to have access to Momos in my neck of the woods is kinda fun. There are veggie and chicken versions. The pizza was a bit sad however. We had never tried villa before because I am scared of Greek pizza and the Nepali version was not much better. We may go back and try more Momo and other non-pizza items. Really nice folks behind this operation.

ETA : I didn’t ask if they were Nepali or Tibetan but their menu describes the momos as Nepali.


This is so interesting. I wonder if the place changed hands? When my friends’ kids were small they loved this place and their pizza (mostly I think because we could walk there). We always call it “House House of Pizza” because…

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@GretchenS Yes there was a change in ownership… I think the young woman behind the counter told me its been many months (maybe almost a year)?

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d., Here’s the deal (and in advance, please don’t take this the wrong way), pizza is Italian; not Nepali, Tibetan, Greek (House of), French, Chinese Flatbread or otherwise. It’s Italian. Everything else is a pizza wannabe. Had to get that off my chest.
Glad you Enjoy Himalayan cuisine,

Lakota used to be a favorite back when I lived closer to that area. Is Cookie Time as good?

@Ruprecht It was a change in name only, not ownership. I don’t have a sweet tooth, but my spring onion and hubby can confirm that they are still very very good.

@CocoDan I am sincerely trying to understand your comment.

Are you saying that no one can make pizza and call it so unless they are Italian? In response to your comment, I’ve noticed that at a pizza joint we enjoy, Jack’s in Burlington, the cooks are usually Latino. The folks at Villa were clearly going for a Western-style pizza and while I didn’t like it, I think people who like Greek-style pizza might enjoy it, regardless of who made it. Perhaps my post was worded awkwardly. But, according to your statement, the Greeks can’t make pizza, either. Or when I make a pasta dish at home, it’s a pasta wannabe since I’m not Italian. Please, I need some clarification.

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digga, Strictly my opinion. Not meant to discredit anyone’s pizza (or pasta). Don’t take it so seriously.

I can vouch that their pizza is not, shall we say, good. In any sense of the word and all national origins aside.

I can further vouch that their wait times for the momos are insane. I also stopped in while shopping at Cookie Time a few weeks ago, and figured I’d pick up some momos. It took a mind-numbing just-shy-of 30 minutes of me sitting there staring at the counter helper in a completely empty shop. I was on a break at work and almost didn’t make it back. The momos themselves were fine- one order of veggie; one order of chicken. Not quite up to snuff compared to Tasty Momo or Momo and Curry in Somerville.