Nepalese in the Bay Area?

We got a family friend who grew up in Nepal. He now lives in the Silicon Valley and he sometimes cook Nepalese at home. He said that his cooking is better than any of the Nepalese restaurant in the Bay Area (confident guy!). And that he consider the only halfway decent Nepalese restaurant around is Monsoon Himalayan Cuisine in Half Moon Bay.

Has anyone been to Monsoon and how do you like it? Anything else you think can be a contender?

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English/Swiss friend of mine once said that about Indian restaurants in central New Jersey, which at the time was probably true. It’s radically changed since then : - )
I haven’t hunted down any of the Nepalese food trucks, and the Indian/Nepalese place in Mountain View didn’t excite me. There do seem to be a few new places, though, according to Yelp.

I haven’t been to enough Nepalese restaurants to rank it, but I really enjoyed the food at Bini’s Kitchen. Limited menu, very casual. The food tasted very homey, in a good way.


Haven’t been to Monsoon but a few years ago, a Nepalese couple stayed with us for a month (filmmakers originally from Nepal) and were pleasantly surprised by the concentration of Nepalese people and food in El Cerrito.

In particular, we think standouts are:

Tashi Delek Cuisine

Article about the Nepali restaurants in the (north) East Bay area

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No idea if this is a good place to eat or not, we don’t get into the City much these days. But this is a nice article on the owner of Base Camp and Dancing Yak restaurants in the Mission.