Negroni Week Roundup

June 6-12, 2016 is Negroni week. Various bars/restaurants feature Negronis, as well as variations /riffs. It’s a triumph of marketing on the part of Campari, but I’m not complaining. There is only one day left, so here is a short list of recommendations. Some of these might still be available after Negroni Week is over.

These are all in the photo album:

Negroni photo album

  • 4.8/5: Barrel Aged Negroni at Donato Enoteca in Redwood City: Makes you wonder why anyone would drink a non-barrel-aged Negroni. Also the cheapest at $10.
  • 4.8/5: Frozen Negroni Popsicle at Paper Plane. Great when it’s frozen solid, and it just gets better as it gets slushy. There is no dilution: it’s a full-on cocktail.
  • 4.7/5: Barrel Aged Negroni at Jack Rose Libation House is Los Gatos. It has that perfect “Negroni stickines”. I’ve actually had this about 5 times, and the quality various from batch to batch.
  • 4.7/5: Negroni Colada at Orchard City Kitchen: One of the best Tiki drinks I’ve had. Who knew coconut went with Campari?
  • 4.7/5: Negroni fruit roll-ups at Paper Plane. Better than the stuff at Trader Joe’s.
  • 4.2/5: Kingston Daiquiri at Orchard City Kitchen: Great up-front sourness. Trails off into a bitter finish.
  • 4/5: Victorian Pineapple Negroni at Haberdasher: Haberdasher had a selection of 5 “mini-gronis”: 2 ounce cocktails at $8 each. So you could get a “flight” of Negronis. The pungent sweetness of the pineapple rum matches well with Campari.
  • 4/5: Apple-achian Negroni at Haberdasher: the apple brandy gives it a very sophisticated undertone.
  • 4/5: Barrel Aged East India House Negroni at Paper Plane: face-smacking pungent, but great balance with the strong rum matched with Campari.
  • 1/5: Negrombie at Orchard City Kitchen in Campbell: A very bitter cinnamon angle. Too 1-dimensional.
  • 1/5: Belle of Milan Negroni at Paper Plane: Tastes like Campari infused charcoal.
  • 1/5: Rio Tea Janeiro at Haberdasher: The tea flavor brings out all the worst notes of Campari. Should not have made it out of the lab. Good thing it was a 2 ounce “mini.”
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LOVE Negronis no matter how made or where served. My wife wondered why they have such a strong effect on her. Well… Gin + Vermouth + Campari. The orange doesn’t negate the ABV %s of all three. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Any white negronis?
The (available year round) smoky negroni at hakkasan (sf)

I wouldn’t know a Negroni from a Zamboni but I’m sure it’s a waste of good Campari , which should only be taken with soda…

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One Zamboni…on ice…coming up

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As someone who loves Campari and soda, let me assure you that Campari comes through in cocktails if properly handled. I often have a Boulevardier after dinner (bourbon, Campari, Antica Carpano). What I don’t get is paying $15 for something like this. I guess one should consider it table rent…

Or with gran classico as an alternative to campari

On the advice of a friend, who got the tip from a bartender, I have been using Cappelletti Aperitivo Americano as a substitute for Campari in Negronis and Boulevardiers. Although I am not a connoisseur of specialty alcohols, I really like it. I use the Carpano Antica sweet vermouth as well.

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$15 cocktails are God’s way of telling you you `are making too much money.

Me, I subsist primarily on my Social Security income (with an assist from 37 years of rent control) so fancy alcoholic drinks are not a priority for me (as if they ever were).

I was an OG Campari and soda guy at the San Gottardo on Columbus Ave., though.

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the Wayfare Tavern barrel aged boulevardier is $13 and you get free potato chips :wink: (they might even bring you a free popover if you ask nicely)

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