Nefyn doing ? Is Bodegroes Plas-dit ?

Hello folks

Thinking of spending some time walking on the remote side of the Lleyn peninsula over the festive period.
Any recs in and around there ?
Plas Bodegroes was the place to go some time ago, i hear, but seems to have been for sale, then not for sale and reviews on TA are mixed to say the least.
I used to sojourn at Portmeirion some years back but when they gutted the restaurant al la Conran it all seemed to lose it, for me and the Castle Deauadraeth has always seemed pretty clueless when I have eaten there.
So, any recs from Nefyn to Porthmadog to Pwhelli to Barmouth ?
Or should I just, at all costs, find somewhere in the Lakes to instead ? :slight_smile:

We were last at Plas Bodegroes in 2010. The food was very much OK but my notes said the service seemed amateurish . Can’t recall if they still had their star then or had just lost it. No idea what it;s like now.

You might like to consider the Porth Tocyn hotel at Abersoch. That was also a 2010 meal - westayed for a week in the village. It’s a bit old school - nothing wrong with that of course but don’t expect cutting edge cuisine. It’s been in the Good Food Guide for donkeys years.

The place I really liked in Abersoch was the Dining Room. Little bistro type place - family run - he cooked, she did front of house. They’d only just opened in 2010 but are going strong.

Brilliant as ever. Res request duly sent to the Dining Room !


In the early days, their “signature” was a smoked haddock Scotch egg. If that’s still around, you gotta try it.

How was the Dining Room, Emlyn? Any other reports from North Wales?

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Hi John

Had an accommodation disaster so never got to eat there !

So, still on my ‘to do’ list this year

No other North Wales spots to report on of late.



We’re planning a couple of nights trip in April. Dining plans already made - the quite upscale Loft restaurant at Beaumaris and an interesting looking Indian in Llandudno. Jaya is in the Good Food Guide and its website says it’s food background is Kenyan Indian.

I also looked at this place…

So did we. They are booked solid until the end of October. The fame that a Michelin star can bring, eh.

Flippin eck. Those crazy Welsh !
Let me know about the loft - have only ever eaten downstairs at the Bull and have always found it to be fine,and occasionally very good.
Loft meant to be an altogether different class, though have the recently changed chef ??
Anyhow, would be very interested to hear what you think as to whether it is worth the dosh without being up its own proverbial…

We’ve been to the Loft two or three times before. Deffo a different class than downstairs. It’s formalish but not up its own wotsit. I’d reckon it the best gaff in North Wales. It’s currently £50 for three courses which I’d reckon good value if standards are the same.

I await the formal verdict, sir !

John, is Jaya the Indian restaurant that’s located in a Lladudno B&B? I seem to remember it is, and is where we stayed about 3 or 4 years ago. (Feels like yesterday!) I’m going to go check. OK - did my homework and yes, that’s the Space B&B and the same restaurant. My husband thought the food was very good. My main was a bit spicy for me, but I’m not that fond of extremely hot, Indian food like he is. You know my origin. :slight_smile: It’s a very nice place to stay and the food is very authentic, prepared by the owner and his wife.

I’m looking forward to it. Last time we stayed overnight around Llandudno it was one of their closed days.

A bit nearer to you - I was going to suggest Tangawizi in Twickenham. It’s the only other place I’ve tried Indian food with an East African spin, maybe four or five years back. However, I’ve just looked at the menu and there doesnt seem to be anything with that spin on it now, so wonder if it may have changed hands. I thought it was pretty good, so it might still be worth a try -

Thanks, John. We have two Indian places in our town, one is excellent, but it’s always fun to try a new place. Our chemist is of East African, Indian roots. I should ask her if she knows of anywhere in the area that specialises in that.