Need Tokyo recs, help!

I will have about 8hrs in Tokyo on a Wednesday.

Please give me recommendations for casual eats. I don’t want to wait too long in line for any one thing. But I’m game for anything

Sushi, soba, udon, katsu, tempura, street food, katsu don, curry, anago, kushiyaki, ramen, baked good, anything

If there are areas of town that have a high concentration of food please tell me.

I will be eating till I drop!

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A good bet for an 8 hour eating spree would be in/around a major bus/train terminal. Tokyo Station, Shibuya, Shinjuku, etc…. have many of the casual eats you want in a concentrated radius.

In addition, the streets immediately funneling into the stations are packed with all kinds of eateries as well, catering to salarymen/women and travelers.

Japan covered shopping streets are great for food also.


Thanks for the recs, I’ve been bookmarking recommendations on articles, from Reddit, and from people.

Once I find a high concentration of places I think I’ll just plan on visiting those areas.

Just looking for some specific can’t miss casual eats if there are any

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