Need to Eat Near JFK

We will be taking The Sprout to JFK for a 4:00pm flight next Sunday. Any recommendations for HOworthy places to eat after we drop her off? We’d prefer something not readily available in Monmouth county (which is pretty much anything but Italian and bad Chinese).

I’ve also posted this on the NYC board but you all seem to know restaurants everywhere.


See my reply on the NYC board.

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Depending on your route and how much of a detour you want to take, Flushing Chinatown would be a stop I’d recommend. I don’t know any specific places there, but do some research and you’ll be rewarded.

If it were me, and i were traveling the Belt Pkwy I’d hop off at Exit 9 and hit Brennan and Carr for a hot and wet roast beef sandwich. It’s iconic, nostalgic, you name it.

If roast beef is not your thing, not too far from there is Sahara Turkish restaurant. Great meze, grilled meats, kebabs, sandwiches on “home bread” which is like a fat pita.

I don’t know of anything right in the vicinity of JFK, but those are some options depending on your travel route that are a little different. Well, Flushing Chinatown is not exactly a secret.


I’m a big fan of Saharah and Brennan Carr. They’ve both been around forever. My only caveat for Brennan Carr is that it’s almost impossible to get your roast beef cooked less than medium-well.

I’d also suggest Roll-n-Roaster on Emmons Ave and Bedford for some damn good roast beef sandwiches that you can ask to have dipped in jus (we order ours rare with “cheez” and sauteed onions), corn fritters, and brown sugar baked sweet potatoes. Their fried shrimp are surprisingly good. It’s all just a bunch of low-brow deliciousness.

Jordan’s Lobster off of Gerritsen can be very good for certain things. I’m never disappointed with their oysters.

Randazzo’s on Emmons can be hit or miss, but when it hits, it packs a punch.

My last 3 suggestions are about 5-10 minutes away from the Belt Parkway depending on traffic.

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There’s a “mall” food court that people raaaave about… it’s called The Golden Mall (really) and I *think @joonjoon has been…

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If you’re in the Flushing area you might want to check out Golden Mall or New World Mall like Curlz mentioned. There are plenty of write ups online for both locations and they have a lot of stuff you won’t find anywhere else! There’s a lot more in Flushing but it’s a great place to start. Let me know if you need someone to occupy a seat… :smiley:

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I went here the last time I went to Queens, and it’s a great stop.

This looks so amazing

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Thanks all for the recommendations. I have no idea the route we will be taking - I’m not great with directions and think GPS is one of the greatest inventions of all times - so once I figure out where things are relative to where we are I can narrow down the choices. Or maybe not and we’ll spend the afternoon eating our away across Queens.


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