Need Restos rec's for Bruges, Brussels, and Paris

We’ll be spending three nights in Bruges/Brugge, three in Brussels, and a week in Paris.

Any experiences you can share would be appreciated.

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Hi there and welcome!

Paris I will leave to the experts. It would help them if you could share some info on location of your hotel, if you’re willing to travel, and general ideas on what type of restaurants you’re looking for. Young/old clientele, modern/traditional, Michelin stars yes/no, price levels and so on.

For Brussels I can recommend Nüetnigenough - an old school low key place for proper Belgian food. And then La Belle Maraîchère for great fish (reservations required). I was in Brussels last year visiting these two. I was also at Belga Queen, which is more a seen and be seen place, but the food is still good. Another good spot is Le Cirio for typical Belgian fare like waterzooi, mussels, and carbonnade.

Brussels has some excellent places! The food is really good overall. This is actually a nice overview of some specialties:

And the same holds for Bruges - a very high standard. One of the cities where we could just pick out busy terraces and still eat really well. That is also the reason why I don’t remember their names… :slight_smile:

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