Need Recs For Asheville/Black Mtn, NC

There’s a strong possibility we’ll be there on Dec 14 - 18 and looking for excellent food in Asheville or Black Mountain. Have been to Salsa’s in Asheville, liked it but looking for somewhere a bit different with outstanding food and ambience if possible. TIA for any possible suggestions.

Anybody have any ideas?

Here’s a thread from last year, lots of good recs from folks including an amazing list from @ChristinaM - and my trip report on where i went (not enough places!)

I recall other threads too, worth a board search.

Thanks @Saregama.

I added a few updates. If you fancy a HO meet-up, message me!

Oh thanks @ChristinaM! Very sweet of you to offer an HO meetup, and as much as I’d like to, I think time is going to be a real issue on this particular trip. We’re flying into Charlotte, assuming the H can get a ticket for the Panthers/Seahawks game. I’ve got three sets of friends in the area (2 of them most coincidentally). Anyway, the girls will be going to Asheville and Black Mtn for the weekend. Unfortunately 1 friend is not doing well at all, so I must visit her in Black Mtn for a day. :cry: The other friend has a vacation home in Black Mt , where we will most likely stay. Really hope the ticket comes through and I’ll see my friend(s). If not, I’ll be going out there after the holidays. BUT I will be back in that area again somewhat soon I think.

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No worries at all! Time is tricky with multiple friends and destinations. Best to your friend.

The ticket came through for H and it’s game on for the trip! Very much looking forward to it & hope it’s not too cold then. Thanks again for all your helpful information @ChristinaM. :blush::+1:

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