Need Recommendations [Nashua, NH]

I’m Meeting a friend for lunch in Nashua. I’m looking for a $ restaurant that has good food and we can sit and visit. Prefer something ethnic, but I know that might be unavailable in Nashua. Willing to go within 15-20 mile radius.

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Sorry, got nothing for you but welcome!

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You You Japanese Bistro is pleasant.
Maza Mediterranean Grill. Not very upscale but the food is good.
Is BBQ ethnic? Riverside Barbeque Co.
La Carreta for Tex Mex.
15-20 miles takes you a long way.
Pho 88 Chelmsford
Pho Dalat Chelmsford
Senmonorom Restaurant Lowell, just over the Chelmsford line for Cambodian.



Bon Chon Korean in Chelmsford. 1981 Ramen Bar in Lowell, Bamboo in Westford has a pretty
solid buffet. Been a while since I’ve spent time in Nashua. Let us know where you land.

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If you do opt to go far afield as Chelmsford and are okay with the crazy traffic pattern in the center, lunch at Fishbones is something I do with business colleagues when we want to connect over a meal.

Then if you want extended time to talk, you could decide to move on the The Java Room, an independent coffee shop located in a small shopping plaza on the edge of Chelmsford Center. It’s a very welcoming environment, where you would feel comfortable chatting as long as you like.


The Java Room:

Thanks! I’ve been to both and agree with your recommendations. Since my friend is coming from the Monadnock region, we’ve decided to stick to Nashua this time. We are considering Bonhoeffer Cafe. Have you been there?

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Bonhoeffer Cafe looks like a cool place. Alas, I have not been. Would love to hear about your experience after/if you do go!