Need recipe rescue - B'styiya

Use a better recipe. Paula Wolfert’s is very good

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I’ll look her up. Dori Greenspan is a household name. I didn’t expect her to lead me astray.

Looking forward to hearing about your next attempt with B’stilla.

Had no idea ground cinnamon can get slimy until @BierMonk pointed it out - good to know!

I found a post at the cooking stack exchange explaining that the high amount of water soluble fiber content in ground Cassia/Chinese cinnamon creates sludge, but it doesn’t happen with ground Ceylon cinnamon.


I’m certain I have cassia as it is more affordable. I still have the phyllo in my freezer. Just a matter of time!

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Also using Cinnamon Stick you end up with a much nicer color from the Saffron, Turmeric and Herbs (I add the Herbs after the Filling is cooked)

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