Need more Martha in your life?

Now you can own a piece from her TV shows. Props from the shows will be auctioned in early May. Proceeds to benefit charity.

Read more at EYB:’s-history

To view the auction catalog:


Catalog for Day 2:

Oh he’ll yea. I want the whole set . Reminds me when Kramer picked the Merv Griffin set out of the dumpster.


I’m not that big a fan, but I’d totally take some of those cake stands if they were more convenient.

Will be interesting to see how high the bidding goes. Should generate a nice donation!

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You just had snow recently istr? Could have used the autographed toboggan!


Hahahaha I was already googling that scene when I read your comment! Too funny, brilliant minds they say!

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I love that the proceeds go to charity- there are actually some great assortments of vases and tableware on offer!

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Thanks for the news.

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First day of auction is over. Link for prices realized. Some of the winning bids were pretty reasonable if one were able to avoid paying for packing/shipping.

“Set of Four Rush Seat Side Chairs: Final Price: $25.00”

“Cookbooks from Martha Stewart Library: Final Price: $125.00”

Some of which are absolutely sold at low low prices. 4 chairs for $25?

I know there are some outstanding deals.

One would thought Martha’s name should inspire a little more bidding/excitement than this.