Need help- what are the larger food publications and blogs in US/ UK?

I need your help.

Given that we have a prominent Q&A lineup, we should try to attract as much new traffic to this site as possible.

I need to write the major food pubs/ bloggers in US/ UK about our Q&A series to generate awareness, and ideally press coverage, so we can attract more new traffic. Can you share the ones you frequent? Please include the name of the publication and the person (like an editor, for example), email address or twitter handle, or web contact form URL.

Or even better, if you are able to write/ tweet them about the series, or if you can mention it in your own blog/ Twitter/ Facebook, that’ll be super, super appreciated…! Given that the Q&A is a unique not-often-repeated opportunity to generate more awareness, your help can potentially mean a much bigger reach in the limited amount of time that we have before the Q&A series start in a couple of weeks!

Thank you!

Link to the series:

Food52, Epicurious and Tasting Table are the ones I read most often. Also Grubstreet, Eater, and (for recipes) Smitten Kitchen.

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Sometimes, I read Delicious magazine and BBC Good Food.

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For US press, I read also Tasting Table.

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