Need Help - Italian Midtown

Hi - I need your help deciding on an Italian restaurant in Midtown. Meeting cousins - one is staying on 50th and Lex, I’m coming in from Grand Central so we’re looking midtown. We’d like one that allows you to bring wine with a corkage fee, and we need gluten free options. I saw these three listed. Anyone know any of these or have other recommendations?
Fabio Cucina Italiano

Much appreciated, HOs!

Meh. No good Italian there. I’d go to Osteria Laguna or Naples 45, in that order of preference. You’re better off with Greek in that area.

Thanks, but they have requested Italian. Isn’t Naples 45 in Grand central? I’ll check out both menus.

Not my style - Old School Italian - but people like Scalinatella

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I’ve only been for brunch, but I like Il Gattopardo quite a bit. They have gluten-free pasta available. Not sure about the corkage thing.

Mike Colameco did a show there. It looked really good. Thanks.

We ended up making a reservation at Osteria Laguna. The menu looked good to my gluten free cousin. Not going till June 24th, so I’ll report back then. Thanks for your help!

I may be too late:
I like Sam’s Place on E 39th East of Lex and
Rossini’s on E 38th just West of Lex

You are: “Not going till June 24th, so I’ll report back then.”

We ended up at Osteria Laguna. I ran the menus by my cousin whose wife is gluten free and he picked. I honestly can’t comment about the food. The place was bustling and we had a nice round table tucked away from the crowd, which was great. We were so happy to see each other that we weren’t even paying much attention - forgetting to order, etc, but I can say everyone was pretty happy with what they had, but no one declared their meal to be anything special. I had pizza which was ok. Location was great - we were going to GC, one cousin to Port Authority and the other to his hotel on 50th. Would I recommend the place - I preferred Rossini when we went there a couple of years ago,. so I’d do that first. Basically, it was fine for what we needed. Food was ok, good table and we were not rushed. Thanks all for the recommendations!!

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Thank you for the response. I am glad it served your particular needs.

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They did - thanks! T5