Need dinner recommendation ...must have heart healthy vegetarian options ..Lower Westchester, NY

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I usually do Indian food when I want a vegetarian meal. They always have a number of vegetarian dishes on the menu. I used to frequent Bengal Tiger but they are no longer. My current favorite Indian restaurant is Mughal Palace in Valhalla…

Thank you…I thought of Indian but ghee is of concern … I think it’s in everything? I should have mentioned my friend has pretty basic tastes.

Jolo’s Kitchen in New Rochelle and Turquoise in Larchmont keep popping up when I search, but I don’t know either. Got Thyme in New Rochelle is a new spot, but grocery only, I think.

I liked Red Plum in Mamaroneck a lot, and if your friend likes tofu and Asian fusion, I think there would be something for everyone.

She likes peanut butter and jelly

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Hah, so do I. So does my dog.:yum:

I just thought of another - Westchester Fig and Olive, in Eastchester. I’ve never been so inclined, but looking at the menu, a goodly amount of dishes have no meat or fish.

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Thank you…that might work

You’re quite welcome.

Sam’s of Gedney Way, White Plains

Chat in Scarsdale

360 American Grille in Mamaroneck

None will be the best meal of your life, but perfectly acceptable. Personally, I am not a fan of Fig & Olive.

Thank you Valerie…Sam’s isn’t bad and
more along the lines of what she may like
any of them will be nicer that a PBJ

FWIW dh and I hated that place. Tables on top of each other, screaming kids, tiny tables, rushed service. I don’t even remember the food.

How about Thai?

D Thai in Thornwood and Dorian in Larchmont were pretty good, imo.

Thank you everyone for all of the great recommendations…they have been noted for future meals
We ended up at Mason :slight_smile: because my friend asked where I like to eat … she loved their menu … I did not have to be persuaded.
I’ll post review on the Mason thread.