Need brands of Jasmine Rice -- using Golden Phoenix from Thailand now -- East Bay

Know a good brand of Jasmine Rice??

And know a good store or good Thai market?

I’ve been using Golden Phoenix from Thailand – and I am all out of it.
Where can I find it in the East Bay? It’s not at 99 Ranch.

Berkeley, Richmond, Rockridge/Oakland area.

Thanks! You folks have been so helpful in the past.

Three Ladies brand. Comparable to Golden Phoenix. Should be readily available at 99 and all Asian markets.

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Thank YOU.

I get Golden Phoenix at 99 Ranch in Richmond. They run out often, so when I see it, I grab a bag since it’s my favorite by far.

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Has anyone tried the 99 brand rice? I recall either Golden Phoenix or Three Ladies are the most expensive, followed closely by the 99 brand. I usually just get either GP or TL but curious about the house brand.

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Glad to know 99 Ranch carries it! Great tip!
Will have to check back at the store.

Thanks, wildtomato!

I am curious about the brand offered at Costco. It’s a lot for one person though.

I agree Three Ladies is also good and is my brand