Need a tutorial on shopping COSTCO in metro Detroit

We got a membership to COSTCO as a Christmas gift, and we’re going to activate it tomorrow. We’ve “heard” it’s a very different shopping experience. (Our daughter, who gave us this gift, only told us: “Don’t go too early in the day; they might not have all the sample stations set up.” Then laughed).

So, asking the HO community for tips on how to shop the store. Any no-brainer buys? Anything foods-wise to avoid? Does COSTCO sell fresh meats? Produce? Pet foods?

There are only three of us, so I don’t think we’ll be buying TP in a 100 roll package…

Thanks in advance for your guidance!

Know your prices before you go. Some stuff is cheaper @ COSTCO, some stuff isn’t.


Make sure you have freezer space before you go! I like to buy hearty produce there like apples and their bins of mixed lettuce are a great deal if you have salad daily- once the greens look a bit sorry for salad i sauté them or add to a soup. The cheese selection can have interesting varieties for a good deal, and the kirrland brand olive oil is excellent. I can’t speak to the meats/chicken/fish but the packages are quite large so you will want to freeze some of it.
The roasted cashews and mixed nuts are a great deal. Bakery stuff is something to avoid generally-especially the terrible bagels, but some of the fresh baked loaves are quite good, especially if your location has the la brea bakery loaves they bake in house.
Everyone seems to buy the rotisserie chickens, but i don’t eat chicken so i can’t comment on flavor/quality, just seem to be in every cart

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You’ll figure out the shopping part.
Report back on the snack bar fare.
They switched to their house brand hot dogs and Pepsi from Coke a few years ago in most locations. I think some in the East still use Hebrew National. One doesn’t actually need a card to eat at the snack bar.

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Yeh - Pepsi

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