Need a recommendation for 3 generations in NE Monmouth

Hi guys, I’m looking for a restaurant that can comfortably fit 8 people from kids to grandparents. We had a great time at Brother’s in Red Bank. Any suggestions for a pretty good place that’s a little loud and roomy?

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@gcaggiano to the courtesy phone…


Pour house Tinton falls

Patricia’s holmdel

Patrizias red bank

If you don’t mind pizzeria, slices of hope in LS, though might be good to call first, smallest of bunch by far

Old glory keyport

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I don’t know about loud – but - Piccola Italia in Ocean might fill the bill.

2nd Jetty is about as Northeast as you can get in Monmouth County (Sea Bright, right over the Sandy Hook Bridge) and if you want to take a chance on the weather the outside dining area is a multi-generational picnic ground. Oh and it’s the best seafood in NJ.

Deal Lake Bar and Grill. Loch Arbour

I second Pour House. Has such a large menu with quite a variety that all generations will easily find something.


Thanks guys, forgot about a lot of these. I also wanted to mention Pho 99 hit the bill as well.

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