Need a rec for a late lunch in NorthBeach.

Preferably , Italian . 5 adults . Around 3:30 pm . Dinner menu ok if also available . Cost n/a . Not looking for pizza place . Weekend , Saturday . All types of Italian regional cuisine welcome . My job is to pick the restaurant for the group . We are all meeting in this area and don’t want to be caravanning all over the city . Thanks

Maybe check out Sotto Mare on Green St. if you’re interested in seafood (cioppino, sand dabs, etc.)

I always wanted to eat there . We all love seafood growing up in Santa Cruz , thanks

Try calling Cotogna, it’s an odd enough hour that you may be in luck.

L’osteria Del Forno , Emilia Romagnia specialties and great focaccia

The pizza and calzone emphasis doesn’t sound like a good match for what you want, but I’m curious to hear from others about then casual spot from the Ideale owner, Piccolo Forno

+1 on Sotto Mare’s seafood. You can get better pasta elsewhere.

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