Need a "Food Photography & Video" board!

Yes! Yes! Yes! I clicked on Hungry Onion’s link but I got this “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”

Love the plastic cup.

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Have fun reading this site. I look at it from time to time but never actually try anything, yet. No time and pure laziness.

And more light reading:

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Will do.

I belong to a few Facebook Food Photography groups and they are excellent. The Bite Shot is my favorite right now.
Unfortunately, they’re closed group.

I’d love to see a food-centric forum where people post photos and others critique it (kinda like at that other place). The Bite Shot has a lot of this and I’ve learned so much from them.

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I think we created the board and no one used it for weeks. Hence it was shuttered.

DH’s new work phone is a Samsung galaxy s10,it has a food mode that delivers … really nice photos


Waiting to see your photos soon!

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Probably won’t be too many, it’s a work phone I will post when he uses it. I mentioned it because I was really impressed with the shots he took when he first got it and was playing with it. He uses an iPhone 8 and cannon DSLR

I don’t really have a fancy camera, but I have been mainly using my iPad pro to take food pictures, and am very impressed with the quality. Obviously, it’s only good for closeups, so it’s perfect for food pics.


Your photos are very saturated in colours, do you edit or post-process your photos? Which app do you use for the photos?


Thanks @naf ! I just use PS Express and Aviary.


I see! I seldom use editing program. I use less and less the default camera of iOS now for food photos these days, use mainly Camera + with the closeup mood to avoid the camera distortion which is quite annoying.

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I forgot about that, it does take a great food pic

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I just got a galaxy s10 plus a few days ago. I hope it takes some nice pics. I have read some good reviews so I’m hopeful. Eli and I will get some good crab pics soon :smile:

I’m interested to see how the pics will come out vs his iPad. It will be a fun and tasty experiment!


We just have to remember to take the pictures before we eat all of the crabs :grinning:

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I don’t know why I noticed this today, but I also happen to be wondering if my
pre-smart phone cameras might be worth resurrecting.

Don’t judge me. Okay, you can judge me, but do it privately. Then share your advice!

And there’s no Warriors game tonight.

I’ve mostly used them in gardening, and wonder if they might make a difference now; in the garden and the kitchen as well.

I’ve researched a bit, and think it’s probably about how much effort I want to expend, but wonder if even effort won’t matter. I took way more pictures because I happen to have my phone, but I picked my phone for the camera.

My cell phone is a pixel, but not the latest one. This picture was taken on my Pixel C. I almost never use it for pictures.

I love old digital cameras. If one day you don’t want them anymore let me know! Only problem is finding (extra) batteries. I’m always nostalgic about old digicams (and the 80’s).

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What’s old is new again. The music industry experiences the same. I find folks who honor the equipment find supplies online rather easily.

I have a camera from 72 that I can get film for but need a city lab to develop pixs. I would never part with it.

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The biggest improvement to my food photography (at home) hasn’t been a camera upgrade or a lens. It’s been lighting. I’ve been using a small, DIY studio light inspired by the Lowell EGO light, which was discontinued last year. Paired up with a small marble pastry board as a background and a posterboard to reflect light, I’ve gotten some nice results with minimum investment.

It really comes down to having a bright but diffused light source firing from the side or behind, something to reflect the light back to soften the shadows as well as a nice backdrop and props.

A couple pics I’ve recently taken with this setup. I’m not doing anything professionally but just wanted to take nicer pics of what I cook at home.