NEar Trenton Train Station or near PRinceton Junction Train Station?

Looking for a place for dinner tonight. Not sure if I need to pick up my person at the Trenton station or the Princeton Junction train station, so looking for recommendations of something good near either one.

In addition to recommendations for “something good” (whatever that means), does anyone know anything about Blue Danube restaurant or Rozmaryn Restaurant?


If you’re going to Trenton and have never been, a trip to Delorenzo’s Tomato Pies may be in order:

I don’t think there’s anywhere left to eat in downtown Trenton near the train station. All the restaurants have either closed or moved to Hamilton and the other local burbs. I’ve heard for years that Rozmaryn is worth a visit, so would be interested in a report if you end up there.

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No longer in Trenton.

Thanks both. Ended up picking up at Princeton Junction Train station, so ended up a salt creek Grill.
Was ok, nothing great. but as expected, so met expectations.

I tried both the Princeton and Rumson locations last year. Except for the mandatory valet parking, I preferred Rumson all around.

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