Near RNCM (Manchester)

Hello everyone ( well probably just John)
Any recommendations near the RNCM for early evening tea ??
Always found that area to be a bit of a culinary desert as it is prime studentville so all recs welcome

Immediate area is a complete desert, mate.

Best I can offer there is Tai Pan on Upper Brook Street (above the W H Lung Chinese supermarket). But you’ll be better either eating in the city centre or, indeed, on Rusholme’s “curry mile” and then walking to the College. The latter is about a mile, city centre half that.

Feared so.
Did wonder about eating somewhere near HOME as that’s about 15 mins walk ?
Didn’t you rate that Indian place there ?
Anywhere else there worth bothering with ?
As we are off to a concert don’t think that we are in Wood territory !
Thanks, as ever

Indian Tiffin Room at HOME is excellent. They started off in a little place in Cheadle before opening in the city (original is still there). I’d strongly advise booking as it is always rammed.

By the by, we’ve been to Wood twice and I am already bored with the menu. In 2/18 it was pretty much unchanged from 10/17 and looks the same now. I’ve eaten everything I fancy from the menu and there’s no particular standout that I’m keen to eat again. A pity really, because it seemed to fit nicely in between the Northern Quarter Restaurant and the full tasting menu experience at the Midland French,

Tiffin booked for saturday evening !
Saturday lunch will be at the Whitworth end of Manc. Have you eaten there or anywhere else walking distance from there that you would recommend ? My mate is up from the shires but he will have his teenage daughter in tow so nothing too fancy, esp as having curry at 5.30 !
I really like how they have done the ‘in the park’ vibe of the dining area at the gallery but have only ever had midweek coffee there as it looks rammed at weekends and something tells me the food will be bang average !
Thanks again,

It’s ages since I’ve been in the Whitworth caff and then only for coffee. It briefly featured in the Good Food Guide about 5 years back.

As for anything in the immediate area, I can only suggest keep going south for a couple of hundred yards and you hit the start of the “curry mile” (or kebab kilometre as I’ve started to call it). Seeing as the mate & daughter are having curry later that limits the choices a tad. Kebab in the form of a very decent lamb sharwarma at Jaffa - at the far end of the “mile” - would be my best suggestion

Cheers John

Very brief feedback time. As expected the Whitworth cafe was absolutely rammed at 12.45 last Saturday. One hour wait. But., hey its a lovely space and it was a lovely day.
So we waited.
Plumped for smoked salmon with scrambled eggs. It was,er, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. Fine but nowt special and not that hot by the time it got to me, which is not so great with eggs.
My mate’s missus ordered a cheese sandwich ( they had run out of chicken sandwiches by the time we got there - at 1.45 - go figure ) which was hefty not in a good way and came with a few pieces of pesto covered pasta. So, not a salad or anything but more carbs with your carbs. Not really worth an hours wait then. Seemed short staffed to me but printing money so, hey, why bother upping our game a bit ?
So, not a patch on ITR which was excellent all round, thanks as ever to Mr H for the recommendation

You’re welcome, mate.

Glad you both enjpyed ITR. Their original place was quite near me in Cheadle but it’s a tiny room and they really squeeze you in (and there’s nowhere to wait if your table’s not ready). These days, we prefer going to the one at HOME, even though it’s a bit of a drive into the city.