Near I-95, non-chain

The redoubtable vinous;easure has suggest that I extend my list of places along I-95 ( northward to New York. I guess that would be the Turnpike to 295. I’ve always just driven through without stopping except for gas, so I solicit your suggestions. The rules are (1) No Chains (2) within 15 minutes of 95 and (3) good for a quick meal, preferably to include a local specialty.


Check out Farnsworth Avenue in Bordentown. A number of restaurants there and it has a no-chain vibe. Easy access off of 95/195/295. And a few blocks away is Mastori diner, one of NJ’s best.

Calling @NotJrvedivici

Any good pork roll sandwich places on this route?

I can’t think of any other meal that would meet the criteria.

This is helpful for those of us who drove to FL. Would love to see some stops for those of us who take 50/301 through DE all the way to Richmond to skip some traffic as well

Having been to Mastori’s in the last month, I can (sadly) say that it is definitely no longer one of NJ’s best. One of the worst restaurant experiences and truly mediocre food I’ve had in a very long time. Stop in to use the restroom and get some cheesy rolls to go, but that’s it.

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“Quick meal” with “local specialty” is a tough combination. Any suggestions I would have wouldn’t be quick and a local special place would be Mastori’s which I just passed last weekend, but after @CurlzNJ words I guess not!

There is a Delorenzo’s Tomato Pie in the area which I went to, personally I wasn’t that blown away but it certainly a popular place.

Disappointing to hear. I was there for Thanksgiving before lock down. I generally don’t think of restaurants as the place to be for Thanksgiving but everyone was happy with their turkey dinners.

good idea to post here john, not from nj but maybe you guys could vet these ideas:

  • thinking iselin has some of the best indian food in the country on oak tree road? We often stop at dimple’s bombay talk for chaat and dosa.
  • is jimmy buffs for italian dogs in range?
  • we’ve stopped at harold’s deli, the problem is that we’re either leaving or returning to nyc, so it’s tough to justify instead of katz/2nd ave/etc. Still, it’s nice to try it once or twice to compare to nyc places.
  • I’m thinking rutt’s hut is in range, must be other dog joints off of 95?
  • around freehold I believe there are some good pizza joints in range? honestly, not a great fan but some of my friends love them and there’s a novelty factor.
  • I refuse to believe there isn’t a good cheesesteak joint off of 95 in nj? I had a client just outside of princeton and found a place that was better than the majority of philadelphia’s offerings…

I knew I had posted it somewhere… here’s where it is.

The only great meal I had while visiting a totally nonfoodie friend in FL was the Dixie Crossroads in Titusville. The rock shrimp was worth all the other stupid chains that my alcoholic friend liked to frequent. Good seafood done well.

In FL I can highly recommend the Eagle Grill and Oyster bar in Greenacres. Not far off of 95, total sports bar/dive atmosphere, but excellent Texas BBQ + real Maryland crab cakes!

I used to stop at what was then called the Americana Diner, but is now the Americana Kitchen & Bar, in E. Windsor, NJ, an easy detour off the Turnpike. Such good steak fries…

east windsor was my cheesteak place, it was actually a pizzeria but I noticed everyone ordering cheesesteaks…

Steak and hoagie was good in plainsboro. Also a place I think call meat headz in lawrencville that got good marks

yeah, I’ve heard good things about meat headz but a little too far from 95

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Business Landmark N.J. diner Mastoris has closed

Not surprising given the recent reports.


Vinouspleasure, Which pizzeria has good cheesesteaks?

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My guess would be Planet Pizza. Or at least, it’s the only pizza place in East Windsor where I have ordered a cheesesteak.

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I’ve been given a lot of good leads on places near I-95. And it’s interesting how this topic, like others, has morphed.

For those in the Philadelphia region who like cheesesteaks, the blog is an excellent source. I claim no expertise on cheesesteaks. In my time in the northeast, I leaned heavily toward Italian subs.


Nice, real nice @CurlzNJ . I’m sure in no small part due to your post right here…Mastori’s has closed (Per 1015) for good! Per the blip the original owners sold just prior to the pandemic and the new owners have been struggling (obviously) and finally had to shutter the place.