Neapolitan-style pizza at The Italian Job, Yonkers NY

We ordered delivery from this new-ish pizzeria on Tuckahoe Rd. in Yonkers last night. No fooling around, they are definitely doing Neapolitan style! Thin crust with a thicker, chewy edge, lightly topped, quick bake with lots of leoparding on the crust. Unfortunately, this type of pizza really doesn’t travel well, and with the weather last night it was stone cold by the time we got it. I rewarmed the slices in a hot skillet, which re-crisped the bottom nicely, and all was well. We had the diavolo and genovese, plus some delicious arancini. Very good stuff, although a bit overpriced, IMO. Still, a nice option to have close to home when I am too lazy to make my own pizza. We’ll eat in next time.

Biondanonima s this the pizza you ordered, If so it’s located in the mini mall on Columbus Avenue in the Village of Tuckahoe. I wrote a review, to someone shortly after they opened … I’ll see if I can find it
EDIT: here it is ( it’s in this thread)

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Yes, that’s the one - I didn’t realize they were that far down Tuckahoe Rd. I’m surprised they deliver to us, all the way over on the river! But anyway, you might give them another shot. I thought the crust was pretty good, certainly better than any of the other places we’ve tried nearby. It was a little underrisen and therefore slightly undercooked (and a bit too thick) on the edge, but the flavor was good. I’m curious to try it in the shop, because this sort of pizza is always best right out of the oven.

That is a long way to travel … but I think it’s great that they do it. The restaurant itself, really just a pizzeria, has the warmth of a mausoleum, that makes two like that in the village. Hopefully they will put a few tables outside as some of the other restaurants have. It would be nice to sit outside in good weather. I was waiting for them to get their act together and to master their pizza oven…