NC, Triangle - Blind Pig returning to Raleigh

Two events are lined up. Looks like future events require a yearly membership fee of $10 paid in order to access tickets. They note that they will try to work around food allergies, etc.

Fri. Feb 12th will feature Chef Steve Goff- Head Butcher at Standard Foods Raleigh, Chef Andrew Ullom- Executive Pastry Chef at AC Restaurant Group, Chef Joe Marple- Executive Chef of The Southern Bar + Kitchen in Asheville, NC, and Chef Mike Moore- Founder and director of The Blind Pig Supper Club.

Sat. March 26th will feature Chefs Steve Goff- Head Butcher of Standard Foods Raleigh, NC, Billy Cotter of Dashi/Toast Durham, Clark Barlowe of Heirloom Restaurant Charlotte, NC and Josh DeCarolis of Mothers & Sons Durham.

To become a member click:

(I’m not involved in this, etc. etc. - just passing along info!)

These look interesting. Steve Goff is a top notch chef. His skills certainly exceed his position running the butchery dept at Standard Foods. We really enjoyed his work at King James Public House.

We went to a couple of Blind Pig dinners in 2013 or 2014 when they first came to the Triangle. They were quite good. Well worth the $$.

I attended one of them and completely enjoyed it. Unfortunately the dates for the next two don’t work for me.

I don’t understand why they are charging to be on the email list. That seems absurd.

Seriously? Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, in this area is that special.

All too often, though, I find these kinds of events are populated by two types of attendees - the insanely food-centric (and I mean that in a good way) and the uber-hipster who has to be right on top of the trendiest thing going and will be off to the next hot thing in a flash. I guess we know which type they’re chasing.

Yeah, I actually went to a previous blind pig in Raleigh and really enjoyed it. But I won’t pay to be on an email list out of principle!

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