Navigating a long thread

Is there a setting where you can see replies to a post immediately after the post, rather than chronologically in time by when the post was made? In a long thread, like WFD, oftentimes it is extremely hard to follow the conversation because those replies/comments to a post are many many posts away from the post to which they reference.

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No. The founder of the forum software we use is very adamant that nested replies don’t work. (As to why, I don’t understand). Absent of that setting, please take a look at this tip to make your life easier.


Thanks. It’s a bummer. The one thing about CH - the later years - that I miss now.

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Maybe I am not understanding exactly what you are asking for but you can see the post someone is replying to by hitting the name of the person that is being responded to. That would be on the upper right side of the post. It sort of reorganizes the conversation within the thread.

Yep - I think I did find that. But if you ever read CH, you could read from top to bottom of a long thread and not have to jump around to see replies because while the posts themselves were organized chronologically, the replies to the posts (and replies to the replies) were all nested underneath the post itself. So it was much more straightforward.