National Donut Day!

Enjoy! I’m out this year.
What’s your fave?

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Everyday is national donut day for me.

As to favorites?

In no particular order.

  • Bear claw
  • Apple Fritter
  • Fasnachts
  • Cinnamon roll
  • Buttermilk (cake, old fashioned)
  • Plain
  • Malasada

And even though you didn’t ask, I am definitely on Team Cake!

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Apple fritters
Old fashioned glazed
Crullers of all sorts(honey/walnut/cherry)
Chocolate dip
Fancy donuts when I’m feeling fancy
I didn’t celebrate today, because I forgot :frowning:

Buttermilk/old fashioned and apple fritter are always among the donut run trophies. Maple is a sometime glaze. We are under the impression that the majority of donuts – wherever found – spring from commercial quantity standardized mixes, fillings, and garnishes, given the seemingly low capital and personnel requirements of the couple places we frequent.

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I’m lucky to have a few really good independent donut shops that are close enough for a treat, but far enough away that I’m not there every day :smiley: . The others are very low to mid range from commercial bakeries that I still grab occasionally when I’m craving and cheating.

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A very generous HO-er (Thank you again!) gifted me a cert for Goldbelly and I used it a few years ago for New Year’s donuts. They were sooooo good and I shared the generous collection with the fam.
INHO bitd, Montclair, Chrystal and Colonial donuts in Oakland had the best ones. Colonial’s crullers were so light and melt-in-the-mouth. One was never enough. The last store bought donut I had was very disappointing.

I had a bagel. I don’t really like donuts. So I observed in my own way.


Yeast raised - plain w/maple (bonus if there’s bacon), chocolate glazed, plain glazed, lemon filled (especially if it has chocolate glaze).

BF like chocolate cake style donuts best. Bonus if it is covered in coconut.